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Vitamin C Deficiency and Bruising

We’ve all been there…. You notice a bruise somewhere on your body and think to yourself “I don’t remember running into anything… Why do I have a bruise?”. If you are deficient in Vitamin C, you may find that happening more than you’d like. A bruise occurs

Children and Vitamin C Deficiences

Scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency) was once the scourge of the high seas, leaving sailors with jaundice, bleeding gums, and even death. Thankfully, scurvy has been nearly eradicated in developed countries that have an ample supply of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin C Deficiency Pictures

The vitamin C deficiency pictures below are a reminder of how important this essential nutrient is to our body. The symptoms of vitamin C deficiency, also known as scurvy, normally begin several months after a person stops getting a sufficient amount of vitamin C in their diet. The Recommended

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